New Cairo Campus

Hub for Action and Research in Psychology (HARP)

HARP stands for: Hub for Action and Research in Psychology. 

It is the psychology research and teaching center, located on the second floor of the Waleed building. It’s a very useful space for the psychology community to develop knowledge through research studies, enhance psychological teaching at The American University in Cairo (AUC), and disseminate psychological knowledge through public events and written communications. 

The HARP consists of the main lab, two-way mirror rooms, and multipurpose research rooms. The main lab has several workstations, a poster printer, a regular printer, a scanner, and a smart projector. There is also a library of books and materials related to research, teaching, and career development, as well as roundtables for group projects or reading. Attached to the main lab are two adjacent small rooms separated by a two-way glass. Spaces can be reserved for conducting research studies, workshops, exam study sessions, student meetings, and activities. 

HARP in Psychology Department

Research Participation

One of the HARP’s roles is to help advance psychological research at AUC. See the opportunities below for getting involved in the department’s research. 

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HARP event

Workshops and Events

The HARP’s vision is to regularly host various workshops and events that cater to faculty and student needs.  

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Harp Main Lab - Computers in the lab

Facilities and Equipment

The HARP computer lab is equipped with advanced research software, including SPSS for quantitative data analysis and NVivo for qualitative data analysis.

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Female student with glasses studying on desk in Libarary

Library and Additional Resources

The HARP features its very own library. The library is expanding and can help with research, life, and career development. 

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