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The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is the most diverse of AUC's schools, offering 34 undergraduate majors and minors in 10 different departments. 

Today's employers are looking for graduates who can communicate clearly, imagine possibilities and solve problems. HUSS develops these skills, leaving you ready to embrace numerous career options in multiple fields. 

HUSS students develop as critical, independent and creative thinkers who are ready to embrace, and make a positive impact in, the changing world. In HUSS you learn the skills that today’s employers want, setting you up for lifelong fulfilling careers.

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HUSS encourages students to ask difficult questions and to use their imagination to deal with theoretical and tangible world problems.

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Because of the comprehensive expertise in understanding, analysis, and communication cultivated by our various programs, a degree in the Humanities and Social Sciences opens the door to numerous attractive career options with highly competitive salaries. 

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Hear from Our Faculty

Associate Professor Nihal Sarhan from Applied Linguistics defines the study of Linguistics and explains what students can do with a focus in this discipline.

Haytham Nawar, Chair of the Department of the Arts, tells us why studying the Arts can lead to a fulfilling life and career opportunities.

Samuel Cooper, Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature, walks us through the study of this discipline and explains the power of literature.

Heba El Deghaidy, Chair of the Department of Educational Studies, discusses the educational studies minor at AUC. 

Patrick Hassan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, explains the study of this field as a fundamental inquiry into reality and the experience humans have of that reality.

Sophie Haspeslagh, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, explains how the study of Politics helps students make sense of the world they live in.

Yasmine Saleh, Associate Professor of Practice in the Department of Psychology, tells us why a Psychology major is a good choice for those seeking to increase their understanding of human behavior.

Manuel Schwab, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, Egyptology and Anthropology, discusses how these three disciplines connect to life's bigger questions.

Elizabeth Kennedy, Visiting Professor in the Department of History, tells us the study of History is about trying to understand the past and why it happened the way it did.

Amina Elbendary, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations, discusses how this discipline explores the history, literature, art and architecture of the Islamic world.


HUSS offers 34 different undergraduate majors and minors in 10 different departments.
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Anthropology: BA

Anthropology offers interpretations of all aspects of human life. Cultural anthropology, one of the four traditional subfields of the discipline, seeks to understand human life-worlds in all their variation across time and space using people’s lived experiences, practices, ideas, and explanations as a principal source of knowledge about the world.
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Arabic Studies: BA

The objective of the Bachelor of Arts is to develop a broad awareness of Arab-Islamic civilization and to develop in students the ability to examine critically the different aesthetic, intellectual and cultural components of this civilization. Each student is required to fulfill Arabic language requirements and take a common core of courses from Arabic Literature, Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern History and Islamic Art and Architecture.
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Egyptology: BA

Egyptology is the scientific study of ancient Egypt's history and culture, from the earliest times to the Arab conquest, a time span of some 4,600 years. The program covers all aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization, from language and religion to art, architecture, social structure, and heritage management, and provides the first-hand experience of ancient monuments and sites.
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English and Comparative Literature: BA

The undergraduate program offers a thorough grounding in aesthetic appreciation and critical reading of literary texts and various cultural media. Courses encapsulate the classic works of English and European literature, from ancient times until the present. Courses also provide a strong theoretical background into the history of critical appreciation and production of literary texts, from ecocriticism to postcolonialism, and from gender to postmodernism.
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Film: BA

Cinema is simply one of the most dynamic and complex cultural, economic and industrial art forms in the world. Uniquely situated in the “film” city of Cairo, the AUC Film Program integrates formal film production training with the study of the historical, aesthetic and theoretical foundations of the medium.
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graphic design

Graphic Design: BA

The Graphic Design program prepares students for a wide range of professional options. Branding, advertising, publication, web, digital, and broadcast design, exhibition, and type design are all possible career paths. The major offers both theory and studio courses that will enable design students to integrate a good command of visual language with conceptual work, theory, and technology.
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History: BA

AUC’s history major covers a range of European, American and Middle Eastern topics, and allows students the flexibility to develop and pursue their own interests. All courses develop in students an appreciation of the richness, complexity, and diversity of past civilizations, allowing them to examine the human experience in its fullest dimensions.
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Music: BA and BMA

The mission of the Music Program is to teach the theory, literature, and performance of music, and the theory and practice of music technology, to the highest attainable standard in the context of a liberal arts environment, with an orientation towards performance and study in both Western and Arab music.
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Philosophy: BA

The philosophy major stresses a firm grounding in both the history and the various fields of philosophy. Because of the ways in which the study of philosophy complements other disciplines, it is always good for a student to double-major in another discipline.
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Political Science: BA

Students with a Major in Political Science also have the opportunity to enroll in a dual degree program and qualify for an MA degree in International Human Rights Law, alongside their BA in political science.
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Psychology: BA

Psychology is the multifaceted scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. The BA program at AUC emphasizes physical, cognitive, emotional, personal, and social development from conception to death.
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Sociology: BA

Sociology is the systematic study of society with particular attention to social interaction and the social making of humans. It investigates the forces that hold society together and threaten to pull it apart by analyzing interaction at every level, from micro-group interaction to competition of nation-states.
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Theatre: BA

The Theatre program offers a bachelor’s degree and a minor in theatre. The curriculum balances the substantial fundamental study of the literature, history, and theatre theory with practical theatre experience in performance, directing, design, and technical theatre. The program offers a liberal arts approach to theatre study, an approach that aims to enrich the students’ awareness of theatre arts' role within society.
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Visual Arts: BA

The Visual Arts program allows students to develop their independent vision and creative practice as artists in an educational environment emphasizing conceptual research and expression across media. The curriculum balances studio-based coursework with historical and theoretical.
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Honors Program in Political Science

Political Science's honors program is a crucial part of the department's academic life, and a capstone experience allowing students to conclude their time at AUC by working one-on-one with a department member. Honors students will take small, closed-enrollment classes together in the Fall semester of their senior year.
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Anthropology Minor

The minor in anthropology provides students with a basic knowledge of anthropological methods and theory from a cross-cultural perspective on selected aspects of the world’s cultures and societies. 
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Arab and Islamic Civilizations Minor

This minor allows students to choose the courses that interest them from the ARIC department's different specializations. They can choose any combination of undergraduate courses in Arabic Literature, Middle East History, Islamic Studies, and Islamic Art and Architecture.
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Arabic Literature Minor

This minor allows students to delve deeper into classical and modern Arabic literary production and read texts in various genres, including poetry, prose, novels, short stories, drama well as film and media adaptations.
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Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations

Classical/Medieval Islamic History Minor

This program allows students to study various aspects of pre-modern Middle East history, including political and social history. Courses include chronological surveys of particular time periods and regimes and thematic in-depth analysis of issues relevant to the history of the region, such as marriage and the family, religious diversity, spirituality, popular culture, gender, and class issues.
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Community Development

Community Development and Organizing Minor

The minor in Community Development provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge that enhances their understanding and vision of a strong civil society, one that is engaged and participatory.
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Comparative Religion Minor

The minor in Comparative Religion is designed to allow students with an interest in religious studies to pursue their research by choosing from a selection of courses on various aspects of the subject both past and present.
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Coptic Study Minor

The minor in Coptic Studies provides students with an introduction to the Coptic period as it follows on from the Pharaonic period and into the Islamic period. This interdisciplinary program, drawing primarily from the Egyptology and Arabic Studies, will cover religion, art, literature, social and political history from the early days until the present.
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Development Studies minor

Development Studies Minor

The purpose of the development studies minor is to offer students an introduction to the various social, political, economic, and cultural factors related to the process of development. The approach is interdisciplinary and comparative, with a primary emphasis on development-related issues.
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Educational Studies Minor

AUC’s minor in education studies is a great first step in exploring the field of education, understanding the issues related to education today, and developing the lifelong skills to deliver knowledge to others.
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Islamic Art and Architecture Minor

This minor gives a greater appreciation of the cultural heritage of the Arab-Islamic world to interested students. It focuses on both the built environment and artifacts that survive from different time periods and regions of the Islamic world.
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Islamic Studies Minor

The minor is designed for students who wish to gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation of Islam as a culture.
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Linguistics Minor

The linguistics minor is administered by the Department of Applied Linguistics. The minor offers courses that help students understand how language is used for effective communication in different fields such as politics, the media, and business. It also aims to help students understand how language relates to community and identity.
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Political Science Minor

Students minoring in Political Science also have the opportunity to choose a specialization in areas such as International Relations, Political Economy, or Middle East Politics.
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Psychology Minor

Would you like to know more about psychology? The minor in psychology provides a general introduction to different subfields under psychology without the depth of methodological training. The minor exposes students to individual and contextual perspectives in psychology.
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Egyptology Minor

Egyptology is the science and study of Ancient Egypt, including the different aspects of its material and nonmaterial culture.
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English and Comparative Literature Minor

The minor in English and Comparative Literature requires any five courses taken at the 2000-level

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History Minor

The minor in History is designed to provide students with a substantial introduction to the craft

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Valerie Farag Music Award

Music Minors

The mission of the Music Program is to teach the theory, literature, and performance of music, and the theory and practice of music technology, to the highest attainable standard in the context of a liberal arts environment, with an orientation towards performance and study in both Western and Arab music.
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Film Minor

Cinema is simply one of the most dynamic and complex cultural, economic and industrial art forms

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Philosophy Minor

The minor in philosophy introduces students to the specific forms of philosophical questioning and philosophical methods and modes of thought. It offers students an opportunity to learn about the unique contribution philosophical traditions have made to civilization and to explore challenging philosophical questions in subjects of particular interest.
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Gerhart Theater

Theater Minor

The minor in theatre provides a general introduction to theatre's art and craft through the study

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Sociology Minor

The minor in sociology introduces students to the central concepts and methods of the field.

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