Our Facilities

Malak Gabr Theatre

Malak Gabr Arts Theater

The Malak Gabr Theatre is a proscenium stage and can set up to 308 persons. It is located in the AUC New Cairo Center for the Arts and has a fly and rigging system, lighting and sound booth and can accommodate a scrim or cyclorama.

Gerhart Theater

Gerhart Theatre

The Gerhart Theatre is a black box space with seating on risers that can provide a flexible audience configuration. It is located in the AUC New Cairo Center for the Arts and can accommodate between 120 and 180 seats. It has a lighting grid, sound and light booth, and projection system.

Sharjah Art Gallery

Sharjah Art Gallery

Arts department exhibition, lecture, performance space that accommodate professional and student productions. Sharjah Productions are composed of visual arts installations, music concerts, and specialized art lectures.

Art Studios are classroom spaces that are used for lecturing and in-class projects. Art studios act as incubators for new art concepts and student talent enrichment.

Psychological Counselling room

Psychological Counseling and Training Center

The Psychological Counseling Services and Training Center (PCSTC) was established in the Spring of 2011 as an integral component of the MA Counseling Psychology student training program. The Psychological Counseling Services and Training Center provides therapy and assessment services and multidisciplinary training for thriving behavioral health clinicians beginning with Interns in the MA Counseling program and those in the greater Cairo region. We actively engage in community wellness efforts. The training center provides free and confidential counseling services to all AUC staff, faculty members, alumni, and students. Common areas of focus include stress, anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem, relationship and marital conflict.

 Masters level student clinicians offer individual, couples, families, group counseling, workshops, psychological assessment, and community outreach. They are professionally supervised by the doctoral-level department of psychology faculty members.

Tim Sullivan Lounge

Tim Sullivan Lounge

Room 1058 (Waleed) was named after Dr.  Earl (Tim) L. Sullivan, who served as University Provost between 1999 and 2008.  Dr. Sullivan joined the University in 1973 as a professor of political science and continued to serve for 35 years. In addition to his prolific research on the politics of the Middle East, Dr. Sullivan had made incredible academic contributions to AUC, such as the initiation of the Model United Nations (MUN) and Model Arab League programs. He also ensured the international visibility of AUC by securing the accreditation of Business programs, recruiting high-quality international scholars, and expanding our international programs.  In his efforts to increase the quality of teaching at AUC, he created the Center for Learning and Teaching and implemented a code of academic integrity.  Dr. Sullivan inspired many generations of students who later assumed prominent positions in their fields. 

This room was supported by our generous donors click here for more information. It is only reserved for events and meetings and its maximum capacity is 100 persons. For reservations, kindly send an email to m.bashir@aucegypt.edu


    Rehearsal Hall

    Rehearsal Hall

    The Rehearsal Hall is a small space for classes and rehearsals. It does not have a sound or lighting system but has mirrors for movement study and could be used as an informal performance space, seating approximately 50-60 persons.