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The Khamasin: Journal of Political Science was created in 2006 by the American University in Cairo’s Department of Political Science. 

Intended to serve as a forum for learning and dialogue within the AUC community and beyond, Khamasin responds to a desire voiced by both students and faculty to encourage a community of exchange at the departmental and school levels and to reach out to a larger readership on contemporary issues of social and political import. 

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Spring 2020- Khamasin

Current Issue- Spring 2020

Building on our work in the previous publication, the papers in this second Spring 2020 issue speak directly to our present political context where questions of exclusion, displacement, historical trauma, identity formation, racial violence, and state policy are interrogated. The authors in this issue completed their submissions under difficult conditions of lockdown and isolation, while also living through a historical moment where communities around the world were confronting governments with their colonial and imperial legacies and ongoing racialized structures of violence. As such, we have collectively decided to adopt a black square as our cover both to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement that calls for action to address enduring injustices faced by black people, but also to highlight the connected legacies of racialized violence and structural inequalities that continue to play out in Egypt and our region so as to link these struggles. 



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Previous Issue- Fall 2019

The selected papers in this Fall 2019 issue address a range of interrelated and timely topics in the present period, including border policing, political exclusion, the mobilization of space and nature as part of state formation, the politics of media and communication, and collective struggle in policed spaces. The papers in this issue begin a discussion around the relationship between state policies, political resistance movements, and our scholarly work and responsibilities as members of academic institutions.

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Khamasin fall 2008

Previous Issues

Khamasin has issues since 2007 kindly check them.

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Submission Guidelines


Khamasin welcomes submissions from undergraduate and graduate students at the American University in Cairo from various disciplines relating to political science and/or broadly concerned with the Middle East and North Africa.

Submissions should contain both original research and analysis and are subject to a blind peer-review process that maintains the anonymity of authors and reviewers. 

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