Harp Main Lab - Computers in the lab

Facilities and Equipment

The Hub for Action and Research in Psychology (HARP) consists of a computer lab space equipped with Mac and Dell computers, a printer, a scanner, and a smartboard projector. Every workstation has internet access, and Microsoft Office is installed. Many of these computers also have the world’s most advanced research software, including SPSS for quantitative data analysis, NVivo for qualitative data analysis, E-Prime, and EndNote. The Department of Psychology also has annual subscriptions to the Qualtrics Survey Platform for conducting survey research, Sona Systems for research participants management, and psychotherapy.net for access to therapy and counseling videos. Faculty who wish to have Qualtrics or Sona Systems accounts should email the HARP admin. Undergraduate and graduate students must receive faculty approval to access Qualtrics or Sona Systems and have their faculty supervisor/instructor email the HARP admin.

In addition to the computer lab, the HARP also features key research facilities, including two-way mirror rooms and multi-purpose rooms, which can be used for observation, interviews, and experiments. Within these facilities, the HARP also provides access to standard equipment, including a poster Printer, a display screen, video camera, and microphones.

HARP Rooms Reservation

Now, you can reserve the HARP rooms! Psychology department faculty members and students can reserve the HARP rooms. Read the room reservation guidelines, check the reservations calendar, fill out the reservation request and wait for our confirmation.

Accessing the HARP During Campus Closure

You can now remotely access the computer lab and use our software! For student use, faculty instructors/supervisors should send an email with their approval, their name, and AUC ID.