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Library and Additional Resources

The Hub for Action and Research in Psychology (HARP) features its very own library. The library is expanding and can help with research, life, and career development. You are encouraged to come, check out the books, and read! 

We also have various materials to boost your learning as a student and your teaching as an instructor. We have intriguing Psychology games such as reflect, mirror maze, brain paint, brain freeze, mindfulness therapy games, better me, Chinese finger traps, and Psychology (Psychology Board Game). We also have 3D brain models that can help you understand more about this mysterious organ.

Click on HARP Inventory for an inventory of the HARP’s current books and materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can do this either by passing by the lab during working hours or sending an email, and we will respond! Make sure you mention the book you want, your full name, and your AUC ID number. 

  • Some books might be reserved for courses. Those books can only be read in the library. 

  • Books are only for the AUC psychology department faculty members and students. 

  • Only three books can be checked out for each faculty member/student. Books can not be checked out for more than two weeks, and high-demand books can only be checked out for one week. Books should be returned before the end of the period or on the last day of the check-out period during the HARP working hours. Overdue books might affect your future book checkout request. 

  • Click here and check the library inventory. The high-demand books are colored and highlighted in blue.

  • Because maybe others are on the waiting list, renewing the book check-out period is not guaranteed.

  • Books should be returned in the same condition, or a fine will be paid. In case the book is lost, the book cost will be paid. Writing names, underlining, comments, is prohibited. You are responsible for the book damage or loss during the check-out period. Do not place it where it could be damaged, stolen, or lost.