Message From the Dean

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HUSS) has always been the center of the liberal arts education system at The American University in Cairo. The courses, programs, and majors offered by the HUSS faculty and their departments aim to deepen our students’ understanding of the human experience and to expand their views of their community and the world. They also enhance their critical and creative thinking and heighten their appreciation of culture and the arts. Our students use knowledge to empower themselves and create meanings and purposes that could help them deal with the complexities of life. They learn to ask questions, consider different interpretations, and acknowledge and address their own biases and assumptions.

Studying the humanities and social sciences in the Middle East at this critical period and point in time will enhance our students’ cultural sensitivity and cultivate their sense of citizenship and community engagement. Our community-based learning courses and innovative curricula encourage our students to apply the principles they learned beyond their classrooms by engaging with members of their communities with a view to making a difference in support of positive, sustainable change. They also give our students the tools and experiences that will help them actively engage with and overcome the many challenges that face Egypt and the world, with energy, creativity, and passion. 

HUSS comprises 10 departments: Applied Linguistics, Arab and Islamic Civilizations, Arts, English and Comparative Literature, History, Educational Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology, Egyptology and Anthropology. While some programs are more popular with students than others, all add immeasurably to shaping the identity of AUC as an academic community. Together, they help map out the human condition and our shared human potential.

We in HUSS offer 60 degrees and diplomas at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our world-class faculty not only excel as teachers but are also dedicated researchers and scholars, many of whom with international, renounced reputations. The important and innovative research of HUSS faculty provides the intellectual foundations that define the School and give focus to everything we do. It is our faculty, and the students they inspire, which have contributed to the recognition of AUC as the finest Liberal Arts university in the region.