Hub for Action and Research in Psychology (HARP)

You might have heard the word “HARP” over the past year. So what is it? And what does it do? Well to answer these questions, let’s first know what HARP stands for: Hub for Action and Research in Psychology. 

HARP is the new name of the renovated and improved psychology computer lab and research rooms, located on the second floor of the Waleed building. It’s a very useful space for the psychology community to develop knowledge through research studies, enhance psychological teaching at AUC, and disseminate psychological knowledge through public events and written communications. 

Space consists of the main lab, small two-way mirror rooms, and a multipurpose research room. The main lab has 12 computers, a printer, a scanner, and a projector. There is also a library of books and materials related to research, teaching, and career development, as well as roundtables for group projects or reading. Attached to the main lab are two adjacent small rooms separated by a two-way glass. This can allow for the observation of experimental participants, for instance, without them seeing the researcher. The larger multipurpose research room is across the hall from the main lab and can be used for data collection. It can also be reserved for workshops, exam study sessions, student meetings, and activities. 

Psychology students have used the space to work on their SPSS assignments and group projects. 

HARP aims to be what its name signifies - a hub or central space to build a sense of community in the department and enhance the growth of psychological knowledge. The resources offered by HARP are diverse and can facilitate not only the implementation of projects but also personal self-development. Everyone is welcome!