Our mission is to lead, promote and advance the discipline of psychology as a basic and applied science in Egypt, the wider Arab World, and beyond, and to further the understanding of human behavior, thinking, and emotion through teaching, research, and community engagement. Our undergraduate students gain a solid grounding in the theory, methodology, and core content areas of contemporary psychology, and our graduate students gain essential knowledge and skills for competent professional practice.


Our vision is a thriving field of psychology with strong foundations in psychological science and evidence-based practice, enhanced by interdisciplinary and community linkages.


● Active engagement in the learning process
● Scientific evidence and critical analysis
● Intra-disciplinary and interdisciplinary integration
● Respect for diversity and local cultural contexts
● Human rights, social justice, and equity
● Service and civic responsibility
● An ethical practice that prioritizes individual and community wellbeing
● Transparency in decision making

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Celebrating 60 Years of Psychology at AUC

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