Government Officials/ Diplomats

Mohamed ElBadri

It was at the Political Science Department that I began my first strides. It was this spark that motivated me to continue a triple career as a diplomat, academician and author. It was a very tough road that began in this department until the dream ignited and its dividends felt. I owe a lot to this department for giving me a solid foundation.

Ambassador Dr Mohamed Elbadri ‘88
Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Adjunct Professor of Political Science at AUC
Walid Mahmoud Abdelnasser

Studying Political Science made a lot of difference in my thinking and the way I interpret people around me. Following my degree, I pursued my diplomatic career until I served twice as Egyptian Ambassador, first to Japan and thereafter as Permanent Representative to the UN, WTO and Other International Organizations in Geneva.

Dr Walid Mahmoud Abdelnasser
Director, Regional Bureau for Arab Countries, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva
Esraa Ossama

Studying Political Science at AUC helped me achieve my dream because it allowed me to view the political world from different angles. It gave me the necessary tools to work at national and international organizations. 

Esraa Osama
Diplomatic Attaché at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt
Yomna AbdelNasser

I decided to major in Political Science with a specialization in International Relations. My decision has proved to be the right one as my academic experience has helped me gain knowledge and earn important skills for my current job.  

Yomna Abdelnasser
Political Officer, Human Rights Unit, State Information Service
Sameh Aboul Enein

My distinguished department, political science has always been my home, where I built the first intellectual pillars and skills that supported me throughout a dynamic & engaging high profile diplomatic as well as academic career.

Sameh Aboul Enein
Assistant Foreign Minister, Director of the Egyptian Diplomatic Institute

Academics Testimonials

Karim Malak

I graduated as part of the second class of students majoring in the honors program in Political Science. The political science department at AUC helped prepare me for a very small and increasingly difficult job market, as well as the competitive and daunting application process to postgraduate schools. This allowed me to pursue my PhD at the Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies department at Colombia University in New York.

Karim Malak
PhD Candidate at MESAAS, Columbia University
Ghadeer Hassan

The education I received from professors of AUC was sophisticated in a way that prepared me for life. Whenever I apply for a job; I see it clear that I am credited more than other candidates because of my field of study in such a reputed institution. Today, I am a lecturer of Politics and Diplomacy in a respectable American academy.

Ghadeer Hassan
Lecturer of Politics and Diplomacy
AbdelRahman Yasser

AUC has been more than a home to me, it accepts you and allows you to flourish in studying what you enjoy. The uniqueness of the professors, peers, and courses all culminated in shaping my intellectual and social identity. My four years at AUC allowed me to pursue an MSc in International Relations from the LSE.

AbdelRahman Yasser
MSc. International Relations, The London School of Economics and Political Science

Business Alumni Testimonials

Dina El Mofty

I was always interested in international relations and global affairs and learning about the power dynamics between different countries, their policies, and how all this comes together on the global stage. I wanted to help make a difference and this ultimately helped shape my career. All of this certainly gives students who study Political Science a wider perspective of the world and gives insight into different ways one can help be part of creating change.

Dina El Mofty
CEO, Injaz Egypt
Farah Abdalla

My choice of Political Science as a major was an opportunity to learn about the foundations and basics of government. At AUC, I also joined the Senate, giving me the chance to apply what I learned and to see how politics and lobbying actually work but on a local level. This prepared me to work in the private sector, yet still working on my passion which is closely related to the laws and regulations.

Farah Abdallah
Public Policy Specialist, Vodafone