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The Department of the Arts is comprised of film, graphic design, music, theatre and Visual arts programs. All five programs contribute courses to the Core Curriculum. The Department of the Arts provides an education that encompasses the fine arts as a historical, cultural and social study within a liberal arts context. The curriculum strives to prepare students for the engagement of the imagination and the intellect through a comprehensive analysis of theory and application of practical skills.

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The mission of the Music Program is to teach the theory, literature, and performance of music, and the theory and practice of music technology, to the highest attainable standard in the context of a liberal arts environment, with an orientation towards performance and study in both Western and Arab music.
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The Theatre program offers a bachelor’s degree and a minor in theatre. The curriculum balances the solid fundamental study of the literature, history, and theory of theatre with practical theatre experience in performance, directing, design, and technical theatre. The program offers a liberal arts approach to theatre study, an approach that aims at enriching the students’ awareness of the role of theatre arts within society.
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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program provides students with an opportunity to develop their independent vision and creative practice as artists in an educational environment emphasizing conceptual research and expression across media. The curriculum balances studio-based coursework with historical and theoretical.
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Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program prepares students for a wide range of professional options. Branding, advertising, publication, web, digital, and broadcast design, exhibition, and type design are all possible career paths. The major offers both theory and studio courses that will enable design students to integrate a good command of visual language with conceptual work, theory, and technology.
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Cinema is simply one of the most dynamic and complex cultural, economic and industrial art forms in the world. Uniquely situated in the “film” city of Cairo, the AUC Film Program integrates formal film production training with the study of the historical, aesthetic and theoretical foundations of the medium.
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Mariam Ibrahim '19 Designs Hospital Gowns to Track Patient Health, Featured on CNN

Mariam Ibrahim '19, a graphic design graduate, was featured on CNN and at the Global Grad Show in Dubai for her project Hale, a series of hospital garments designed to improve a patient's sense of well-being. Made with antibacterial materials, the gowns use sensors to track a patient's temperature, blood pressure, oxygen and other vital signs.

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AUC Students Reflect on 1919 Revolution Through Music

With a fresh unconventional take on history, AUC students have worked on producing an archival publication as part of the University's centennial celebrations to document the 1919 Egyptian Revolution while reproducing and recreating the ingenious songs of the Egyptian composer Sayed Darwish and poet Badie Khairy, who “informed as they entertained” Egyptians at the time.

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AUC Theatre Students Work at Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre

AUC theatre students were involved in over 20 different plays and workshops brought to Cairo from around the world as part of the 26th annual Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre. Students majoring and minoring in theatre volunteered their time to help translate, organize workshops and volunteer both behind the scenes and on stage at one of largest theatre festivals in the region. 

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Arts in Motion

AUC Theater Program Challenge

AUC Theatre Program Presents: Campus-wide Remote Playwriting Challenge For Students, Staff, Faculty and Alumni.

A Visually Impaired Person's Journey with Music

What's it like living with a visual impairment? Maha Khalil '10, adjunct faculty member, is raising awareness through her YouTube channel, Legally Blind, on topics related to visual impairment.

This Is Not a Concert

John Baboukis, professor and director of the Music Program, kick off the School of Humanities and Social Sciences new series, This is Not a Concert.

“This Is Not a Concert” (series) — No. 2

John Baboukis, harpsichord Flashy Fingerwork — catchy tunes from George Frideric Handel: Introduction (0:00) The Harmonious Blacksmith (Theme and Variations, from Suite No. 5) 1. Air (1:25) 2. Variation 1 (2:22) 3. Variation 2 (3:06) 4. Variation 3 (3:51) 5. Variation 4 (4:36) 6. Variation 5 (5:19)

“This Is Not a Concert” (series) — No. 3

Dina Iskander, soprano Nayer Nagui, piano Introduction (0:00) A Broadway tune from Rodgers & Hammerstein: “If I Loved You,” from Carousel (2:57)  

“This Is Not a Concert” (series) — No. 4

Nesma Mahgoub, mezzo-soprano Introduction (0:00) A message for everyone in the time of COVID: “Rise Up,” a pop/Gospel song by Andra Day (2:03)

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