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HUSS Commencement Class of 2022

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Mariam Ayad

Reading Into the Past: Mariam Ayad's Research on Coptic Letters Sheds Light on Women in Byzantine Egypt

Years of research have led Mariam Ayad ‘94, associate professor in AUC’s Department of Sociology, Egyptology and Anthropology, down a trail of letters in Coptic dating back to the 6th-8th centuries AD [Byzantine Era up to the Arab conquest of Egypt], providing her a unique view into the everyday lives of women.

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CIMUN Team in New York

CIMUN Team Wins Big at 2022 National Model United Nations Conference

Emerging stronger than ever after a three-year hiatus, AUC’s Cairo International Model United Nations (CIMUN) team won Outstanding Delegation awards for the 12th consecutive year at the 2022 National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference in New York City this spring. The team won a total of 19 awards at the conference. 

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Amr Adly

Amr Adly Awarded for Innovative Book Exploring Egypt’s Fraught Market-Making Efforts

Amr Adly, assistant professor in AUC’s Department of Political Science, uses a multidisciplinary approach to examine the interrelationship between politics, society and economic development in Egypt and th

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HUSS IN Motion

Award-Winning Faculty Spotlight: Haytham Nawar

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A History of World Egyptology

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Book Cover in STEM in Science Education

STEM in Science Education and S in STEM

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A History of Arab Graphic Design

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Egypt 1919: The Revolution in Literature and Film

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Kingship, Power, and Legitimacy in Ancient Egypt

Kingship, Power, And Legitimacy in Ancient Egypt

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Western Theatre in Global Contexts, Directing and Teaching Culturally Inclusive Drama Around the World

Western Theatre in Global Contexts

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Language of Tomorrow

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