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Latest News

The Plethora of Passions of AUC Student Ambassador Catherine Yassa

As an admirer of AUC’s rich cultural and academic history, Catherine Yassa, a mathematics graduating senior minoring in creative writing, joined the AUC Student Ambassadors program two years ago to represent the University and its core values.

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$1.3 Million HUSS Grant for the Future of Art at AUC

AUC’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences was recently awarded a grant agreement worth approximately $1.3M over two years from the United States Agency for International Development’s Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (USAID/ASHA) to fund “The Interdisciplinary Future of Art Education at AUC.”

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AUC Establishes New Anti-Harassment, Non-Discrimination Office of Institutional Equity

With the aim of combating sexual harassment and safeguarding its community, AUC established the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) on August 1 to handle sexual harassment and discrimination complaints from students, faculty and staff. The office reinforces and underpins AUC’s Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy, abiding by Egyptian laws, and strengthening AUC’s reporting channels.

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Valerie Farag Music Award

The Valerie Farag Music Award

The Valerie Farag Music Award is a cash award conferred at every commencement to an outstanding AUC graduate with a major or minor in Music Performance or Music Technology. 

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AUC Welcomes Class of 2024, Begins Hybrid Classes

AUC welcomes the Class of 2024 — with their aspirations and endeavors —while implementing a hybrid model of classes with an emphasis on maintaining a low-density campus, where 93% of classes will be held online and only 7% will meet face to face when required.

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First Blended FYP Orientation Begins

For the first time, AUC’s First-Year Program (FYP) for incoming students will be blended this fall.

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Beirut Blast: What's Next?

The recent explosion in Lebanon shook an entire nation — and indeed the region and the world — in every sense of the word. News@AUC spoke to faculty members in different disciplines to understand the repercussions of this calamity. How and why did it happen?

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In Memory of John Rodenbeck, Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature

John Rodenbeck, professor emeritus of English and comparative literature, passed away recently at his home in France. Rodenbeck joined AUC in 1964. "When I arrived in Egypt in 1964, I found that what I'd seen in films was in some abstract degree more or less true, but that in fact the reality was 10 times as exciting," reflected Rodenbeck in "The Road Taken" (Interview) published in Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics in 2006. "I was enormously gratified. What first brought me to Egypt, though, was what killed the cat: sheer curiosity." 

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Former Study-Abroad Student at AUC: 'It Was a Deeply Rewarding Experience'

As I prepared to study abroad at AUC in the spring semester of 2008, my mind overflowed with anticipation and nerves. I was looking forward to living and studying in a Middle Eastern country, but I was worried that I would struggle to adapt to the different cultural and educational environment.

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AUC Film Senior Wins Ladima Foundation African Women in the Time of COVID-19 Short Film Competition

  "It means the world to me receiving this award since my film will be streamed on multiple platforms for people all around the world to see," said Malak El Araby, a graduating senior majoring in film who is one of 10 winners of the Ladima Foundation African Women in the Time of COVID-19 Short Film Competition. 

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Three Winners for the Madalyn Lamont Literary Award

The Madalyn Lamont Award is an annual literary celebration in honor of Madalyn Lamont, former instructor at AUC, poet, and women’s rights advocate. This year’s Award Ceremony was held on March 5, 2020. The award, sponsored by the Department of English and Comparative Literature (ECLT), recognized three winners for their creative writing submissions in English. 

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AUC Provides Mentorship for Gemini Uplift Initiative

AUC will be providing voluntary mentorship support for entrepreneurs as part of the Gemini Uplift initiative to support entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The initiative, launched by Gemini Enterprises Africa, aims to revive the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt and Africa during these difficult times through money, matchmaking and mentorship. Gemini focuses on supporting entrepreneurship in Africa, and particularly projects focused on social dimensions. 

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Coping in Egypt During the COVID-19 Crisis: AUC's Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Research and Innovation Initiative

AUC’s Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Research and Innovation Initiative awarded funding to 10 different research projects that are aimed at creating an impact both during and after the global COVID-19 pandemic — contributing to the scholarship and innovation in the fight against it. In this series, we are highlighting each of the 10 projects to learn about what they are and what impact they will have on society.

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Gourmet Implements Graphic Design Student Project on Sustainable Packaging

As part of their Packaging studio course last fall, graphic design students Amena ElDefrawy, Amanda Ioannou, Hania Gazar, Reem Hasebou, Salma Aly and Noor Sallam worked on envisioning new packaging solutions for the Gourmet brand while considering the environmental aspect and sustainability. The Gourmet team liked the student work, had the most creative group intern with the company last winter and is implementing some of the student designs across its branches.

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HUSS Awards 2020: Celebrating Achievements and Excellence

The HUSS Awards Ceremony is a unique event where we celebrate not only academic excellence but also to celebrate and express our pride in the students' extracurricular achievements, hard work and dedication. 

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