Alif 42 cover


English and French Section

  • Caroline Rooney: Shakespeare’s Hermetic Lampedusa: From Colonial Fantasies to the Afterlife in The Tempest

  • Andrea Maria Negri: Representations of Death in al-Maqāmāt al-Hindiyya

  • Shaimaa El-Ateek: Thanatogenos: Photographing Death and Writing Mourning in Barthes’s Camera Lucida and Mourning Diary

  • Elliott Colla: Elegy and Mobilization: Poetry, Mourning, and the Student Uprising of January 1972

  • Marwa Ramadan: On the Threshold of Death: Liminality and Transformation in Margaret Edson’s Wit

  • Tania Al Saadi: La mort dans la littérature irakienne de l’exil : L’exemple d’Inaam Kachachi

  • Shaimaa Gohar: Taming the Terror of Death in George Saunders’s Lincoln in the Bardo

  • Hala Amin: Frankenstein’s Monster, Past and Present: Writing Against Death in Frankenstein in Baghdad


Arabic Section

  • Saeed Elmasry: Cultural Approaches to Mortality: A Critical Overview of the Anthropology of Death

  • Mohamed Birairi: Confronting Annihilation: Readings in Pre-Islamic Poetry

  • Karam AbuSehly: Literature as Archive of Mortality: Walter Benjamin’s Theory of Trauerspiel

  • May Telmissany: Death and the Annihilation of History in Egyptian Surrealism

  • Hajjaj Abu Jabr: Death of God Theology: The Holocaust of Paul Celan and Mahmoud Darwish

  • Shahla Ujayli: ‘Abd al-Salām al-‘Ujaylī’s Stories of Illness between Culture and the Medical Institution

  • Walid El Khachab: Mystic Annihilation in Sufi Art: Death as a Form of Life

  • Dani Nassif: Traumatic Past and Fantasy: Testimonies of the Undead in Rabī‘ Jābir’s Bīrītūs

  • Yasmine Motawy: Normal Grief: Death in Children’s Picture books