Alif 41

Alif 41 (2021): Literature, History, and Historiography


Alif 41 cover photo


English and French Section:       

  • Anne C. Vila: Shaking Up the Enlightenment: Jansenist Convulsionnaires and Their Witnesses in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Paris
  • Rebecca Ruth Gould: The Antiquarian Imagination in Multilingual Daghestan
  • Balthazar I. Beckett: “Like a Butterfly on a Pin”: Witnessing Genealogies of Whiteness in James Baldwin’s “Going to Meet the Man”
  • Madonna Kalousian: Between Invertible and Invertebrate Histories: The Evolution of Rachid Boudjedra’s Snail-Man
  • Ziad Dallal: Chronicles of the Mundane and the Eternal Present: Literary Montage in Dhāt and Kāna ghadan
  • Wen-chi Li: Transgressing Hegemonic Discourses: Yang Mu, the Poet-Historian, and His Minor Narratives
  • Isabelle Hesse: Counterfactual Israels: Zionism, Nation-Building, and Indigeneity in Contemporary Jewish Writing
  • Daniel Rivet: La littérature élargissant la connaissance de l’histoire
  • Francesca Orsini and Peter Kornicki: East and South Asian Perspectives on History, Languages, and Literatures: A Conversation


Arabic Section:                                                  

  • Céza Kassem: History and the Novel: Introduction and Analytical Overview
  • Tarif Khalidi: Writing Pre-Modern Arab History: Introductory Critical Approach
  • Magdi Guirguis: Arab Traditions in the Writing of Coptic History
  • Itzea Goikolea-Amiano: Al-Andalus in Spanish-Ruled Morocco: Politics of Prestige and Circularity of History in Al-Mu‘tamid and Ketama
  • Ahmed F. Khaleel: World War II in the Poetry of Muhammad Mahdi al-Jawahiri
  • Abdullah Ibrahim: Narrative Dreams and History
  • Karim Elsaiad: Being-towards-Apocalypse: An Ontological-Historical Analysis of Maṭar’s Poetry
  • Mohamed Birairi: Intertextuality between Sunset Oasis and Cairo Swan Song: A Reading of Two Egyptian Colonial Periods
  • Azza Madian: Musical Orientalism: Two Studies from the early 1800s between Contemporary Performance Practices and Early Manuscripts