Alif 40 (2020): Mapping New Directions in the Humanities


Alif 40 cover page


English Section:                                          

  • David Konstan: Mapping Diversity in Classical Studies
  • Claire Gallien: A Decolonial Turn in the Humanities
  • Antonio Pacifico: The Cultural Turn in the Study of Arabic Literature
  • Youssef Yacoubi: Redirecting Postcolonial Theory: Arab-Islamic Reason, Deconstructionism, and the Possibility of Multiple Critique
  • Levi Thompson: Re-Orienting Modernism: Mapping East-East Exchanges between Arabic and Persian Poetry
  • Brian James Baer: From Cultural Translation to Untranslatability: Theorizing Translation outside Translation Studies
  • Nadia Hashish: Towards Holistic Medical Humanities
  • Yasmine Sweed: New Directions in Disability Narratives: Cyborgs and Redefining Disability in Young Adult Literature


Arabic Section:

  • Abdesslam Benabdelali: Modern Paths in Philosophical Studies
  • Shereen Abouelnaga: Arab Feminism: Positions and Practices
  • Hala Kamal: From Autobiography to Life-Writing: Trajectories and Intersections across the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Samia Al Hodathy: Postcolonialism and Arabic Literature: Rerouting or Re-Rooting?
  • Tamer Amin: Educational Linguistics and the Problem of Language: Science and Mathematics Education in the Arab World
  • Hassan Hilmy: “Contemporary” American Poetry: Reflections
  • Hossam Nayel: Arabic Literature and Digital Technology: An Exploration
  • Naglaa Saad Hassan: Game Theory and Literary Analysis: Horizons and Limitations