Alif  39 (2019): Transnational Drama: Theater and Performance


Alif 39 Cover



English and French Section: 

  • Randa Sabry: Catharsis et théâtrothérapie : L’utopie ludique dans L’île des esclaves de Marivaux
  • Emily Sibley: Redefining Theater: Yusuf Idris’s al-Farāfīr and the Work of Cultural Decolonization
  • Merve Tabur: A View from the Moon: Allegories of Representation in Tawfīq al-Ḥakīm and H. G. Wells
  • Youssef Yacoubi: Saddīkī’s Textual Recoveries: Arab Theater as Biofacticity
  • Bojana Coulibaly: Senegalese Theater Unabashed: Wolof Drama and Cultural Liberation
  • Kai Hang Cheang: Performativity in Black Internationalist Poetics as Exemplified in Robeson and Hughes
  • Frank Bradley: Outside Looking in: Unexpected Encounters of Dramatic Time and Place
  • Asaad Alsaleh: Approaching Sa‘dallāh Wannūs’s Drama: The Manifestos for a New Arab Theater


Arabic Section:

  • Sabry Hafez: Arab Political Issues in Contemporary English Theater
  • Khalid Amine: Alternative Dramaturgy in Contemporary Arab Theater and Postdramatic Issues
  • Manal al-Natour: Women, Memory, and War in Syria: Emerging Dramatic Texts
  • Mustafa RiadAl-Masraḥ, the Magazine of Theater Culture: The Phoenix’s Multiple Risings
  • Nora Amin: El-Warsha: First Independent Egyptian Theater Troupe
  • Mounira Soliman: Reflections on What Is Unsaid by Scheherazade: From Creativity to Performance
  • Robert J. C. Young: Fanon, Revolutionary Playwright (Translated by Ramy Amin)
  • Hoda Wasfi: Theater as Cultural Project (Interview)