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CTS Lecture Series

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In Translation Lecture Series

In (December 2009- ) that has hosted dozens of distinguished figures in the field of translation.

CTS Publiation

CTS New Campus Interdisciplinary Lecture Series

A year-long informal lecture series that is hosted by participating departments at AUC across the schools in order to raise awareness among the students and faculty about the importance of translation and translation studies at AUC. The series is also meant to showcase the already existing expertise and scholarship among the faculty and students in the field. The lecture series includes speakers from ECL, ARIC, CMRS, ECS, PVA, SAPE, SCE, JRMC, TAFL, among others.

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CTS co-sponsored events at AUC

These events and partnerships have been extremely valuable for AUC and national institutions alike. They continue to be very well attended and have drawn audiences from academia, cultural centers, the professional world of translation, as well as AUC and national university students including international AUC students.

CTS Publications

In the shoes of others

In the Shoes of the Other: Interdisciplinary Essays in Translation Studies from Cairo

December 2019 marks a decade in the life of the Center for Translation at AUC. In celebration, CTS published an anthology of a select number of lectures delivered at the center over the past ten years. The anthology is entitled In the Shoes of the Other: Interdisciplinary Essays in Translation Studies from Cairo edited by Samia Mehrez, Professor of Arabic Literature in the Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations and Director of the Center for Translation Studies.

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CTS Publication

Translating Egypt's Revolution

In (May 2011); an AUC graduate student symposium that culminated in the publication of a volume of essays by this group of graduate students, edited by the director of CTS entitled Translating Egypt’s Revolution: The Language of Tahrir (AUC Press, 2012).

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Translation, Gender and Knowledge Production

In (May 2010) ; co-sponsored with the Women and Memory Forum and the Cynthia Nelson Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies at AUC.

The House of Translation

The House of Translation

It was launched in October 2011 as a collaborative initiative between the Center for Translation Studies and the National Center for Translation of the Ministry of Culture in Egypt. The House of Translation is a translator-in-residence program that fosters and promotes innovative translation projects linking various cultural achievements and legacies.

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Aesthetics and Politics

Summer Academy on "Aesthetics and Politics"

In (September 2012)  AUC partnered with the Transregional Studies Forum in Berlin and its program Europe in the Middle East-the Middle East in Europe. The Summer Academy is designed to support doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and scholarly networks and contribute to closer ties among research activities in and outside Europe and the Middle East. It is also meant to foster interdisciplinary research fields that benefit from the sort of intercultural cooperation this forum provides.


Translation Theory Workshop by Professor Michael Cronin

1) To make translators more aware of what they do; the process of thinking of translation.
2) To show how key moments in history affect the course of translation.

• Globalization not possible without translation.
• Translators transform society and culture. Fields like philosophy, literature, history and political science wouldn’t have been available to us if it weren’t for translation.

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Translation for International Organizations by senior translator Mohammed El Kholy

The sessions are conducted by Mohammed El-Kholy. There will be one full day of independent group work by participants between the two workshop days during which the group will be asked to translate selected texts that will provide the basis for practical work and discussion during the workshop.

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Translation and New Media by CEO of Meedan, Ed Bice

New Media is a phrase we use to stand for the profound change in the shape and form of publishing, communication, and representation. In this workshop, Ed Bice will explore what these new forms mean for the practice of translation and the role of the translator. The workshop will traverse the theoretical to the applied; first, a theoretical exploration of representation in the new media setting,  then an exploration of the best examples of applied new media translation and a discussion of the ways technology can (and cannot) be employed to augment and facilitate.

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Towards a Critical Urban Lexicon co-organized with CLUSTER

This translation workshop is part of a larger knowledge dissemination initiative, addressing the academic and discursive gap between local discursive scene and centers of knowledge production in the First World; the interdisciplinary nature of urban studies and the proliferation of borrowed terms from social sciences and humanities; as well as the regional variations of key urban terms, such as public space, mapping, and gentrification.

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HUSS LAB Translation Workshops

 In Cairo: Literary Translation by distinguished translator Humphrey Davies

 In Beirut: Classical vs. Modern Arabic by Professor Tarif Khalidi 

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