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A History of World Egyptology, Cover photo


Salima Ikram, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Sociology, Egyptology, and Anthropology, published a book, A History of World Egyptology, a ground-breaking reference work that traces the study of ancient Egypt over the past 150 years. Global in purview, it enlarges our understanding of how and why people have looked, and continue to look, into humankind's distant past through the lens of the enduring allure of ancient Egypt. Written by an international team of scholars, the volume investigates how territories worldwide have engaged with, and have been inspired by, ancient Egypt and its study and how that engagement has evolved. Chapters present a specific territory from different perspectives, including institutional and national, while examining a range of transnational links. The volume thus touches on multiple strands of scholarship, embracing Egyptology and social history, the history of science, and reception studies. It will appeal to amateurs and professionals interested in the histories of Egypt, archaeology, and science.

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