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Mysteries of the Boy King

October 18, 2022

Why was King Tut buried without a heart? Explore this question and more through National Geographic's podcast interview with Salima Ikram (YAB '86), distinguished University professor of Egyptology, celebrating the centennial of the discovery of the young ruler's tomb

One hundred years since the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, archaeologists are still puzzling over the mysteries of his mummy. Why was he covered in “black goo” and buried without a heart? And how did his tomb remain hidden for so long? To answer these questions, we head to the National Geographic Museum’s King Tut exhibit with Archaeologist in Residence Fred Hiebert to hear his take on what happened to Egypt’s boy king and hear from mummy expert Salima Ikram about how recent excavations of the tomb are helping scientists get closer to the answers.