college students on a field trip to an islamic monumental site

Students Opportunities

The AUC Library contains an outstanding holding of more than 13,000 books and approximately 30,000 e-books on philosophy, with an emphasis on classical German philosophy, contemporary French philosophy, medieval Islamic philosophy and theology.

The books are available in their original languages, as well as in translation. In addition, the electronic library offers access to a large variety of databases, providing resources and information that complement the library’s physical collection. Periodical subscriptions also offer more than 650,000 journal articles, while document delivery services provide access to a wide array of resources from other libraries around the world.

Philosophy students have many opportunities for philosophical discussion and debate in various gatherings such as philosophy club evenings, philosophers' coffee hour and formal lectures of visiting scholars.

The philosophy department makes students aware of special scholarship opportunities and graduate student conferences. Summer workshops are also available to philosophy students. The department also advises philosophy majors and other interested students about study-abroad and graduate-school opportunities.

Opportunities exist for students with exceptional interest and commitment to philosophy to act as research and conference assistants.

Students with an interest in philosophy whose graduate work is being conducted in related fields are welcome to approach the philosophy department concerning their research.

Senior philosophy students may choose to present distinguished work to the department from any of their advanced philosophy courses or from independent work in philosophy.

How AUC Students Got into Philosophy

“I had some doubts about many things in my life, so I pursued philosophy looking for answers. I took a course in Islamic philosophy. As usual, I ended up with many more questions than answers. Philosophy actually transformed me into a much better, smarter, more knowledgeable person. In short, I took philosophy intending to study one course, but I ended up studying a whole major. I got addicted to it and don’t want to stop.”

Hesham Kahil '11


“Philosophy helped me to think critically about everything I passed through in my life, and it made me think a lot before making any decisions, as I used to be a quick decision-maker. Also, philosophy helped me to become a better reader and writer. My vocabulary, organization and flow of thoughts have improved. I was originally an economics major, and most founders of economics were philosophers at first, which encouraged me more to major in philosophy. When I graduate, I am planning to pursue a master’s in economic development, and I am sure that my study of philosophy as an undergraduate will help me a lot in my graduate studies.”

Asser Wahib '11

“When you study philosophy, you are studying the works of some of the greatest minds in history. Philosophers are constantly trying to answer questions that are at the core of who and what we are as human beings. I suppose the question should not be what you could do with knowledge of philosophy, but what couldn’t you do? Studying philosophy is good for you, no matter what you are pursuing in your future.”

Farouk Shafie '09

Students Achievements