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To engage in philosophy is to ask questions about the possibility of knowledge, the nature of morality, the self and its place in the world, beauty and aesthetic experience, the meaning of religious experience, the justification and limits of power, and the purpose and meaning of philosophical inquiry itself.

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Philosophy begins in wonder. These words were famously said by Aristotle, the ancient Greek thinker who -along with his teacher, Plato- did more than anyone to found the disciplines and methods of today’s university, from Anthropology to Zoology. But, Aristotle was not just referring to one discipline among many; what he had in mind was the thing that unites them all, and all of us: the search for the true and the good; that is, philosophy as “the love of wisdom.“

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The Study of Philosophy



Philosophy: MA

The Master of Arts in Philosophy at AUC gives students a unique opportunity to focus on both Islamic and European philosophy in the heart of a cultural and geographical crossroads where these traditions meet. Graduate students will be able to explore one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating cities while simultaneously examining a broad spectrum of philosophical traditions — Eastern and Western, Christian and Islamic.
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Philosophy: BA

The philosophy major stresses a firm grounding in both the history and the various fields of philosophy. Because of the ways in which the study of philosophy complements other disciplines, it is always good for a student to double-major in another discipline.
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Philosophy Minor

The minor in philosophy introduces students to the specific forms of philosophical questioning and philosophical methods and modes of thought. It offers students an opportunity to learn about the unique contribution philosophical traditions have made to civilization and to explore challenging philosophical questions in subjects of particular interest.
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Philosophy alumni have distinguished themselves in diverse professional fields. They have pursued graduate study both in Egypt and abroad, and have drawn on their study of philosophy in a wide variety of professions.


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