Professional Development Programs

Do you seek to make a difference in the educational system in Egypt or abroad? Are you a current educator, school owner, government supervisor, or NGO professional in the field of education, or interested in changing careers to make use of your experience and skills by teaching? 

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Professional Educators Diploma

AUC’s highly sought-after Professional Educator Diploma (PED) program is right for you. We seek those who aim to improve themselves and their schools or organizations through studies focused on educational leadership, early learner education, and adolescent learner education. Diversity is the primary strength of our PED program. The PED program is designed for a wide range of current and future professionals who are concerned with education in the world today.

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Short-Term Seminars

Are you a practicing or aspiring educator who seeks to broaden your knowledge and expand your skills?
The Department of Educational Studies topics in Education Seminar Series offers professional development for educators seeking to enrich their knowledge, skills, and dispositions, and improve themselves for the benefit of their schools or universities. The program is targeted to educators in public or private universities or schools.

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STEAM Showcase Nights

Steam showcase night is where students in the PED STEAM track get the opportunity to present their group projects in front of an audience. The audience includes teachers, principals, and NGOs interested in steam education. Groups present their project through posters, artifacts, and digital tools. They also get to answer questions related to their design and the STEAM concepts and skills included in the project through interdisciplinary learning.

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