Alif  38 (2018): Translation and the Production of Knowledge(s) 

Alif 38 cover



English and French Section:

  • Spencer Scoville: Translating Orientalism into the Arabic Nahda
  • Samuel England: An Ayyubid Renaissance: Saladdin, from Knighthood to Nahḍa 
  • Rafael Y. Schögler: Translation in the Social Sciences and Humanities: Circulating and Canonizing Knowledge  
  • Karen Bennett: Translation and the Desacralization of the Western World: From Performativity to Representation
  • Simon Labrecque et René Lemieux: Traduire la virtù de Machiavel en anglais 
  • Rita Filanti: Self-Censorship and Fascism 
  • Samah Selim: Politics and Paratext: On Translating Arwa Salih’s al-Mubtasarun 
  • Anna Bogic: Translation and Feminist Knowledge Production: The Serbian Translation of Our Bodies, Ourselves 
  • Mark Shuttleworth: Translation and the Production of Knowledge in Wikipedia: Chronicling the Assassination of Boris Nemtsov 
  • Henry JonesWikipedia, Translation, and the Collaborative Production of Spatial Knowledge 
  • Maeve Olohan: A Practice-Theory Analysis of Scientific Editing by Translators 
  • Iulia Mihalache: Les Traducteurs et les technologies : Un mode de réflections dans l’action 
  • Lydia H. Liu: The Battleground of Translation: Making Equal in a Global Structure of Inequality (Interviewed by James St. André

Arabic Section:

  • Sameh Hanna: Knowledge Production and Identity Formation in Two Arabic Translations of the Bible 
  • Mariam Saeed El Ali: “Do You Know What this Bird is Saying?”: Translating Animal Language as Spiritual Knowledge 
  • Tarek Shamma: Early Translations of Aristotle’s Poetics: Wasted Opportunity or Creative Adaptation? 
  • Richard Jacquemond: Palestinian Literature Translated into French: History and Impact 
  • Ahmed Haikal: Israeli Responses to Hebrew Translations of Darwish’s Poetry 
  • Mahmoud Alhirthani: Translation and the Re-Production of Knowledge: The Example of Edward Said 
  • Mustafa Riad: Translation and Modern Nation-Building in Egypt: Tahtawi as Translator 
  • Rana Roshdy: Translation and Liberation from Western Hegemony: Al-Sanhuri’s 1948 Law 
  • Sayyed Daifallah: Translation and Acculturation: On Cultural Criticism 
  • Ashraf Abdel Fattah and Rashid Yahiaoui: Media Translation and Trans-Editing: News Reporting or Reality Representation? 
  • Khaled Mattawa: Translation and Identity (Introduced and Interviewed by Samia Mehrez