Sociology: BA

Sociology Classroom

Sociology is the systematic study of society that focuses on social interaction and the social making of humans. It investigates the forces that hold society together and threaten to pull it apart by analyzing interaction at every level, from micro-group interaction to competition of nation-states. Having as its goal a holistic understanding of human society, human beings, and their lives, sociology is relevant to a wide range of other disciplines and everyday life issues. As a result, sociology has a broad scope that includes culture, family, gender, crime, religion, politics, development, population, and urbanization. Besides their coursework, sociology major students can carry out supervised field research as a part of their undergraduate program.

In addition to the possibility of pursuing advanced graduate work in sociology or related fields, majors are trained for employment in international development agencies, government, non-governmental organizations, or the private sector in social and community services or research and managerial positions.

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