Linguistics Minor

students in classroom

The linguistics minor is administered by the Department of Applied Linguistics. The minor offers courses that help students understand how language is used for effective communication in different fields such as politics, the media, and business. It also aims to help students understand how language relates to community and identity. In addition, the minor aims to equip students with research skills and the tools to collect and analyze data. Furthermore, the minor offers courses in language teaching and using computers for linguistic analysis.

What is Linguistics Minor?

Linguistics can provide you with a foundation that supports many majors for a wide range of careers. The Linguistics Minor is designed with an interdisciplinary approach
to provide students with a new academic level of skill and competency relating to how language is used to impact others.

Why minor in linguistics?

Linguistics intersects with many areas of specialization such as anthropology, computer science, engineering, psychology, sociology, marketing/advertising, mass communication and political science, among others.

Who can take the minor?

The Linguistics Minor is open to all AUC undergraduates.