Anthropology Minor


Program Overview 

The minor in anthropology provides students with a basic knowledge of anthropological methods and theory from a cross-cultural perspective on selected aspects of the world’s cultures and societies. 

Our faculty regularly introduce new courses to reflect emerging research areas and debates. These include courses on the anthropology of violence, poetry, literature, youth cultures, aesthetics, tourism, death, public health, and citizenship, to name a few. Courses are geared towards students conducting their own ethnographic and fieldwork-based research. The program also offers co-taught courses with scholars from other disciplines both at AUC and beyond. 

Anthropology courses encourage engagement beyond the classroom. Students can expect to experience field trips to a diverse range of settings within Egypt, where they gain firsthand experience of cultural dynamics and social issues. 

Careers Opportunities 

Anthropology provides students with research, writing, and communication skills that are invaluable to being a conscientious member of any society and skills that are attractive and competitive to a broad range of careers. At AUC, our approach to teaching anthropology promotes critical thinking, hands-on ethnographic research, innovative theoretical and practical engagement with issues of local and global concern. Most importantly, you will learn how to conduct social research sensitively and effectively that creates alternative forms of knowledge about the world. What you will gain from engaging with Anthropology goes way beyond a skill set. It will change how you see and feel about the world, how you place yourself within, and think about what can be done.


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