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Piece of Mind: 10 Minute Play Festival

In collaboration with AUC Mental Health and Well-being Initiative, AUC theater program is launching its

Piece of Mind Festival.

A series of short, original plays written by, and for, the AUC Community!

Chosen plays will be assigned a director, and a cast with three nights of performances in early February in the Howard Café.

WHAT: Submit a script for a 10-minute play about Mental Health.

WHO:   Submissions are open to students, alumni, staff and faculty.

WHEN: Submissions are due October 15, 2022.

HOW:   Fill out the form and click here!


  • Plays should discuss an issue around mental health and well-being (anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness, climate fears, family issues, insecurity, eating disorders, shame, environmental wellness, physical wellness, social and emotional wellness, happiness, confidence), and they should offer some hope or advice.
  • Plays should be approximately 10 minutes in length, this is generally about 10 pages.
  • Plays should have between two to four characters.
  • Plays should be set in one location.
  • Plays should take place in real time.
  • Plays can be comedic or dramatic.
  • English and Arabic scripts will be considered.
  • All submissions will be read by a committee made up of students, alumni, faculty and staff
  • Select scripts will be chosen to workshop and revise. “Workshopping” a script involves hearing it read out loud by actors, receiving feedback, and revising it accordingly.
  • Four to five plays will be chosen to receive performances.


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Piece of Mind Festival News

A still image from the ten minute play Insih, produced as part of the Mish Zanbik series of shorts plays, AUC 2021.

Upcoming Piece of Mind Festival to Explore Mental Health Through Theatre

Launching for the first time in early 2023, AUC’s Piece of Mind festival aims to normalize conversations about mental health by featuring scripts written by members of the AUC community on mental health and well-being.  The festival will be accepting English and Arabic submissions from students, alumni, faculty and staff until October 15. 

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