Gala El Hadidi

Jala El Hadidi


While lucky to have started at the Opera at an early age, I knew very quickly that musical ability wasn't the only factor in how one succeeds in this field, because on the international Opera arena, dramatic interpretation is what differentiates artists, even puts them on the map altogether. Since opera as a classical musical theatre is almost always adapting major literary work, a study of English and Comparative Literature was, in fact, crucial to my development as an artist. My studies have, and still, are helping me in my process of preparation, interpretation, and delivery of my performances, and have definitely had a direct impact on my competing on an international level.  Thus the study of Literature has been nourishing to me as an artist, because I know now that I have the tools to make each role my own, knowing that like any piece of literature, I will continuously discover new layers, giving me the chance of reinventing and developing my performance.


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