A storied legacy of almost a century of teaching in the field gives the Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations a unique position in the Middle East. The Department offers a wide range of specializations and degree options. It has world-class, international faculty with diverse course offerings in fields such as Arabic Literature, Middle East History, Islamic Art and Architecture, and Islamic Studies.

While specializing in a specific area of study, interested students also have the opportunity of immersion in the Arabic language. AUC’s location, in the heart of the Middle East, facilitates explorations in the region and beyond, allowing access to an unparalleled wealth of monuments, archives and museums. In addition, the University’s internationally renowned Rare Books and Special Collections Library (RBSCL) affords students access to a rich array of primary texts, information and resources. In sum, this is the ideal study environment for those seeking to make important contributions to the fields of Arab and Islamic Studies.