Read some of our alumni stories on how studying at the American University in Cairo helped them fulfill their passion and dreams.

Alumni Testimonials

George Marquis

The strong foundation I had acquired from coursework in language teaching methodology and the practical experience I had obtained from teaching while a graduate student in the MA-TESOL program enabled me to succeed in my new position after graduation. 

George Marquis
Dean of Students, The American University in Cairo
Nagwa Kassabgy

Teaching has always been my passion, but it was graduating from AUC’s TEFL Program that made the difference and has led to my successful career and to where I am now. The combination of theoretical and practical courses, the professional experts who taught me, and the amazing resources available for graduate studies are in two simple words “amazing and unforgettable.

Nagwa Kassabgy
Chair, Department of English Language Instruction, The American University in Cairo
Yasmine Salah El-din

Ever since I completed my TESOL (TEFL) degree in 1989, I have been growing both professionally and personally. I am greatly indebted to my TESOL professors for teaching me how to be a committed, dedicated and open-minded teacher and person.

Yasmine Salah El-din
Senior instructor, Department of English Language Instruction, The American University in Cairo
Matthew Hendershot

I found the program to be highly beneficial, allowing me to develop my core strengths, as well as grow in new areas. I continue to apply what I learned from the program in both my teaching and my administrative roles within the university setting, as well as in various teaching, training, service, and consulting opportunities outside of the university. .

Matthew Hendershot
Associate Dean, Academy of Liberal Arts, the American University in Cairo
Alex Lewko

I personally walked into the degree with a strong interest in writing but with little experience in teaching.  I was very eager to learn, and my professors wasted no time in helping me do that. My best memories are sitting in my professors’ offices, sometimes late on Thursday evenings, plotting out my own plans.  

Alex Lewko
Director of the Academic English for Graduates (AEG) Program, Department of English Language Instruction, The American University in Cairo
Notable Alumni

It was an enlightening experience in every way. If I had to describe the two years I spent as a graduate student in the Department of Applied Linguistics with one word, I would use the word "empowering". I can only attribute the confidence that I have today as a teacher and researcher to all the support, reassurance, inspiration, and encouragement I received from my professors.

Nourhan Sorour
Assistant Lecturer, English Department, Alexandria University
Mona Maged Azam

 The TAFL program at AUC not only provided me with the fundamentals of teaching and linguistics, but it also provided me with practical experience as a fellow student by giving me the chance to observe AFL classes, assist teachers in their classes, and teach. 

Mona Maged Azam '19
AFL instructor and researcher
Hasnaa Essam

Before applying to this program, I had 8 years’ experience of teaching Arabic as a foreign language. I filled several positions such as AFL education developer, trainer, senior instructor, and vice manager. However, I felt that teaching because I have a passion for it and accumulated some experience is not sufficient. So I joined this program. 

Hasnaa Essam '18
AFL Education Vice Manager and Instructor at Arabia language Institute
Wael Asfour

My interest in teaching Arabic as a foreign language started eight years ago. Back then, I was sitting with some American friends who were interested in learning Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. I started chit-chatting with them about different topics. However, I figured out that my method was not effective enough. I did not know what was wrong but I realized that I needed a professional method to teach Arabic to non-native speakers. 

Wael Asfour '17
AFL Teacher at Metropolitan International School