In the Shoes of the Other

Interdisciplinary Essays in Translation Studies from Cairo

Edited by Samia Mehrez

Cairo: Al Kotob Khan, 2019

December 2019 marks a decade in the life of the Center for Translation at AUC. In celebration, CTS published an anthology of a select number of lectures delivered at the center over the past ten years. The anthology is entitled In the Shoes of the Other: Interdisciplinary Essays in Translation Studies from Cairo edited by Samia Mehrez, Professor of Arabic Literature in the Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations and Director of the Center for Translation Studies. 

In the Shoes of the Other brings together some of the most engaging research and testimonies by leading scholars, practitioners, activists, and artists from across the humanities and social sciences, focusing primarily on the Arab world. The anthology is divided into six parts: 

Part I, “The Translator: Memories, Testimonies, and Reflections,” includes testimonies and reflections by major translators from Arabic into English but also French and Italian into Arabic. Part II, “Translation, Migration, and Identity,” includes essays that dwell primarily on the relationship between translation, power, and identity in a globalized world. 

Part III, “Literary Translation: Challenges and Opportunities,” focuses on the shifting pressures on Arabic literature through a wide variety of literary traditions and texts. 

Part IV, “On Carrying Across Languages, Cultures, and Registers,” engages multiple strategies and challenges of carrying across—from one culture to another—various linguistic idioms, registers, and metaphors, and how these travel between different languages (Arabic, English, French, Turkish, German) both synchronically and diachronically, and within different contexts of power. 

Part V, “Translation Across Disciplines,” includes essays that explore the political and cultural impact and value of a wide range of disciplinary translations that reassess the place and stature, within Arab culture and at a global level, of entire fields of knowledge. 

Part VI, “The Stage, the Screen, and the Languages In-between,” includes hands-on essays by scholars and practitioners of translation in the visual and performative fields of theatre, cinema, and dubbing and subtitling.