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The Center for Translation Studies (CTS) was launched in December 2009 as a research facility that fosters collaborative outreach programs and research in translation and translation studies within an interdisciplinary context. The center seeks to enhance interaction and cooperation between AUC, Egyptian, regional, and international institutions and organizations working in the field of translation and interpretation studies and practice. The center is committed to promoting translation as a cultural-political practice that can enable innovation and generate new spaces for the development of individual societies and cross-cultural conversation. The center seeks to contribute to Egypt's cultural and intellectual life through the formation of a new generation of translation theorists, researchers, and practitioners who will operate within a complex global context that necessitates excellence, creativity and cutting edge instructional methodologies and technologies.

Since its establishment, CTS has initiated a number of highly successful initiatives and the CTS website has become excellent research and teaching tool in the area of translation and translation studies.

All events, colloquia, and lectures are available here