Cairo Papers in Social Science (CPSS), currently an online publication, is a quarterly refereed monograph series that was created through the joint efforts of AUC social science departments. Since its establishment in 1977, it has been governed by an editorial board composed of full-time faculty members from such departments.

CPSS has published original research on a variety of social, political, economic and historical topics on Egypt and the Middle East, and has been able to gain a solid academic reputation, both locally and internationally. Its visibility and reputation have been enhanced through the increasing number of reviews it has been receiving throughout its existence. In addition, a number of CPSS issues have been translated into Arabic. Apart from contributions of AUC faculty members, students and researchers, CPSS is attracting manuscripts from a variety of academic and research circles.

Moreover, the CPSS Annual Symposium, which has been taking place for more than twenty years, is a mechanism for bringing together a wide variety of local and international scholars and accessing their original research on a theme of general interest. It also offers CPSS an opportunity to collaborate with academic programs and research centers both within and outside AUC.