ARIC 5135-01, Selected Topics in Middle Eastern History, 600-1800 AD: "Protest and Dissent in Middle East History"


Dr. Amina Elbendary 

W 02:00 pm - 04:40 pm

From the first fitna, revolts of Bashmuris and Zanj, popular revolts in the Mamluk period, to the 1860 revolts, the Urabi revolt, and the 1919 revolution, the people of the Middle have repeatedly voiced their protest and dissent to authorities and the powers that be and affected political change. This course discusses theories of protest and dissent; historiography of protest; rebellion in Islamic political thought; and studies historical examples of revolt, protest, and political dissent in Middle Eastern history from early Islamic times until the early modern period.

Open to Graduate Students and Senior Undergraduates Pre-Requisite: any course from ARIC 3343-3345 series or consent of instructor