ARIC 5117-01, Translation: Theory and Practice

Dr. Samia Mehrez 

M 05:00 pm - 07:40 pm

This course focuses on developments in the field of Translation Studies since the 1970s when translation became increasingly conceptualized as cultural transfer rather than a linguistic operation. It introduces students to the interdisciplinary approaches in the field including the impact of deconstruction, gender studies, and post-colonial theory. Students will explore the cultural and political agendas of translation through selected theoretical texts. The course will also introduce students to various translation practices (adaptation, re-writing, etc) and will look at the translator’s role in society, and

translation as an agent of social change. Students will read a selection of texts in literary theory that will inform their practice in translation. Students will situate their own work in translation not only in relation to contemporary cultural forms and practices, but also in relation to the translation traditions that inform current translating practices. The course is taught in English. Selected texts and translation exercises will be in English and in Arabic.