Translation and New Media by CEO of Meedan, Ed Bice


Ed Bice



Translation and New Media

New Media is a phrase we use to stand for the profound change in the shape and form of publishing, communication, and representation. In this workshop Ed Bice will explore what these new forms mean for the practice of translation and the role of the translator. The workshop will traverse the theoretical to the applied; first, a theoretical exploration of representation in the new media setting,  then an exploration of the best examples of applied new media translation and a discussion of the ways technology can (and cannot) be employed to augment and facilitate.

• The morning session is held from 10 am to 12 pm 
• The afternoon session is held from 1 pm to 3 pm

The sessions will be conducted by Ed Bice, executive director of Meedan for New Media Technologies.

On Saturday, December 15, there will be one full day (10 am -3 pm) of independent group work by participants, during which the group will be asked to translate selected texts that will provide the basis for practical work and discussion during workshop.Texts for translation will be selected by the scholar-in-residence. Samples of translated workshop texts will be posted on the CTS and NCT websites.