The House of Translation


Inaugural Lectures Web

There are three cycles of lectures and workshops each year at The House of Translation with each cycle focusing on one theme or subfield in Translation Studies followed by a practical workshop. The workshops have attracted more than two hundred applicants sixty of which have been selected to attend (twenty applicants per workshop). These applicants represent a wide spectrum of participants interested in the field of Translation Studies such as Professional translator, Teaching faculty in national universities, Graduate students from national universities, and Graduate students from AUC.

  • The first cycle at The House of Translation: included two public lectures and a practical workshop and was held in February 2011 focusing on Translation Studies and Theory. The Inaugural lectures were delivered by Professor Michael Cronin, Senior Lecturer in the School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies and Dean of the Joint Faculty of Humanities at Dublin City University. 

  • The second cycle of lectures and workshops: took place during the second half of June 2012 and was conducted by senior, award-winning UN translator, Mr. Mohamed El Kholy. The focus during this second cycle was Arabic and International Organizations.

  • The Third cycle of lectures and workshops: took place during December 2012 and is focused on Translation and New Media.