Volumes 19-1

  • Volume 19, 1996

    1    Nilopolitics: A Hydrological Regime, 1870-1990, Mohamed Hatem El-Atawy.
    2    Images Of The Other: Europe And The Muslim World Before 1700, David R. Blanks Et Al.
    3    Grass Roots Participation In The Development Of Egypt, Saad Eddin Ibrahim Et Al.
    4    The Zabbalin Community Of Muqattam, Elena Volpi And Doaa Abdel Motaal.

    Volume 18, 1995

    1    Social Policy In The Arab World, Jacqueline Ismael and Tareq Y. Ismael.
    2    Workers, Trade Union And The State In Egypt: 1984-1989, Omar El-Shafie.
    3    The Development Of Social Science In Egypt: Economics, History, And Sociology; Fifth Annual Symposium.
    4    Structural Adjustment, Stabilization Policies And The Poor In Egypt, Karima Korayem.

    Volume 17, 1994

    1    Democratization In Rural Egypt:  A Study Of The Village Local Popular Council, Hanan Hamdy Radwan.
    2    Farmers And Merchants: Background For Structural Adjustment In Egypt, Sohair Mehanna, Nicholas S. Hopkins, And Bahgat Abdelmaksoud.
    3    Human Rights: Egypt And The Arab World, Fourth Annual Symposium.
    4    Environmental Threats In Egypt: Perceptions And Actions, Salwa S. Gomaa, Ed.

    Volume 16, 1993

    1    The Socialist Labor Party: A Case Study Of A Contemporary Egyptian Opposition Party, Hanaa Fikry Singer.
    2    The Empowerment Of Women: Water And Sanitation Initiatives In Rural Egypt, Samiha El Katsha, Susan Watts.
    3    The Economics And Politics Of Structural Adjustment In Egypt: Third Annual Symposium.
    4    Experiments In Community Development In A Zabbaleen   Settlement, Marie Assaad And Nadra Garas.

    Volume 15, 1992

    1    Scenes Of Schooling: Inside A Girls' School In Cairo, Linda Herrera.
    2    Urban Refugees: Ethiopians And Eritreans In Cairo, Dereck Cooper.
    3    Investors And Workers In The Western Desert Of Egypt: An Exploratory Survey, Naeim Sherbiny, Donald Cole, Nadia Makary.
    4    Environmental Challenges In Egypt And The World, Nicholas S. Hopkins, Ed.

    Volume 14, 1991

    1    Perspectives On The Gulf Crisis, Dan Tschirgi, And Bassam Tibi.
    2    Experience And Expression: Life Among Bedouin Women In South Sinai, Deborah Wickering.
    3    Impact Of Temporary International Migration On Rural Egypt, Atef Hanna Nada.
    4    Informal Sector In Egypt, Nicholas  S. Hopkins Ed.

    Volume 13, 1990

    1    Squatter Markets In Cairo, Helmi R. Tadros, Mohamed Feteeha, Allen Hibbard.
    2    The Sub-Culture Of Hashish Users In Egypt: A Descriptive Analytic Study, Nashaat Hassan Hussein.
    3    Social Background And Bureaucratic Behavior In Egypt, Earl L. Sullivan, El Sayed Yassin, Ali Leila, Monte Palmer.
    4    Privatization: The Egyptian Debate, Mostafa Kamel El-Sayyid.

    Volume 12, 1989

    1    Cairo's Leap Forward: People, Households And Dwelling Space, Fredric Shorter.
    2    Women, Water And Sanitation: Household Water Use In Two Egyptian Villages, Samiha El-Katsha Et. Al.
    3    Palestinian Labor In A Dependent Economy: Women Workers In The West Bank Clothing Industry, Randa Siniora.
    4    The Oil Question In Egyptian-Israeli Relations, 1967-1979: A Study In International Law And Resource Politics, Karim Wissa.

    Volume 11, 1988

    1    Participation And Community In Egyptian New Lands: The Case Of South Tahrir, Nicholas Hopkins Et. Al.
    2     Palestinian Universities Under Occupation, Antony T. Sullivan.
    3    Legislating Infitah: Investment, Foreign Trade, And Currency Laws, Khaled M. Fahmy.
    4    Social History Of An Agrarian Reform Community In Egypt, Reem Saad.

  • Volume 10, 1987

    1    Al-Sanhuri And Islamic Law, Enid Hill
    2    Gone For Good, Ralph Sell.
    3    The Changing Image Of Women In Rural Egypt, Mona Abaza.
    4    Informal Communities In Cairo: The Basis Of A Typology, Linda Oldham, Haguer El Hadidi, Hussein Tamaa.

    Volume Nine, 1986

    1    Philosophy, Ethics And Virtuous Rule, Charles E. Butterworth.
    2    The 'Jihad': An Islamic Alternative In Egypt, Nemat Guenena.
    3    The Institutionalization Of Palestinian Identity In Egypt, Maha A. Dajani.
    4    Social Identity And Class In A Cairo Neighborhood, Nadia A. Taher.

    Volume Eight, 1985

    1 and 2    Analytic Index Of Survey Research In Egypt, Madiha El-Safty, Monte Palmer And Mark Kennedy.

    Volume  Seven, 1984

    1    Social Security And The Family In Egypt, Helmi Tadros.
    2    Basic Needs, Inflation And The Poor Of Egypt, Myrette El-Sokkary.
    3    The Impact Of Development Assistance On Egypt, Earl L. Sullivan, Ed.
    4    Irrigation And Society In Rural Egypt, Sohair Mehanna, Richard Huntington And Rachad Antonius.

    Volume Six, 1983

    1    The Political Economy Of Revolutionary Iran, Mihssen Kadhim.
    2    Urban Research Strategies In Egypt, Richard A. Lobban, Ed.
    3    Non-Alignment In A Changing World, Mohammed El-Sayed Selim, Ed.
    4    The Nationalization Of Arabic And Islamic Education In Egypt: Dar Al-Alum And Al-Azhar, Lois A. Arioan.

    Volume Five, 1982

    1    Ghagar Of Sett Guiranha: A Study Of A Gypsy Community In Egypt, Nabil Sobhi Hanna.
    2    Distribution Of Disposal Income And The Impact Of Eliminating Food Subsidies In Egypt, Karima Korayem.
    3    Income Distribution And Basic Needs In Urban Egypt, Amr Mohie El-Din.

    Volume Four, 1980-1981

    1    Cairo's Nubian Families, Peter Geiser.
    2 and 3    Symposium On Social Research For Development: Proceedings, Social Research Center.
    4    Women And Work In The Arab World, Earl L. Sullivan, And Karima Korayem.

    Volume Three, 1979-1980

    1    Party And Peasant In Syria, Raymond Hinnebusch.
    2    Child Development In Egypt, Nicholas V. Ciaccio.
    3    Living Without Water, Asaad Nadim Et. Al.
    4    Export Of Egyptian School Teachers, Suzanne A. Messiha.
    5    Population And Urbanization In Morocco, Saad E.Ibrahim.

    Volume Two, 1978-1979

    1    Coping With Poverty In A Cairo Community, Andrea B. Rugh.
    2    Modernization Of Labor In The Arab Gulf, Enid Hill.
    3    Studies In Egyptian Political Economy, Herbert M. Thompson.
    4    Law And Social Change In Contemporary Egypt, Cynthia Nelson And Klaus Friedrich Koch, Eds.
    5    The Brain Drain In Egypt, Saneya Saleh.

    Volume One, 1977-1978

    1    Women, Health And Development, Cynthia Nelson, Ed.
    2    Democracy In Egypt, Ali E. Hillal Dessouki, Ed.
    3    Mass Communications And The October War, Olfat Hassan  Agha.
    4    Rural Resettlement In Egypt, Helmy Tadros.
    5    Saudi Arabian Bedouin, Saad E. Ibrahim, And Donald P. Cole.