International Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean Region, Ibrahim Awad

This issue of Cairo Papers takes up the various dimensions of migration and refugees in the Euro-Mediterranean region in different periods in the last two centuries. It addresses migration and refugees from Europe in the southern rim of the Mediterranean and from this southern as well as eastern rims in Europe. The disciplines of history, sociology, anthropology, and political science have been mobilized to undertake the research its chapters embody. They address the history of migration in the region, relations between Mediterranean countries of origin and their diasporas, the impact of interest groups on the formulation of migration policies in countries of destination, and the policies for the integration of recent flows arriving in Europe.

The chapters are based on papers delivered at Cairo Papers 25th annual symposium in collaboration with the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies.

Contributors to this issue include Ibrahim Awad, Joseph Viscomi, Angelos Dalachanis, Gerda Heck, Alexandra Parrs, Gerasimos Tsourapas, and Maysa Ayoub.


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