The department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations provides a multi-disciplinary framework for the study of the history and culture of the Middle East since the rise of Islam.  It seeks to explain the thought, movements, processes, institutions and identities of Arab-Islamic civilization.  These include but are not limited to aesthetic and intellectual production, political and religious thought, cross-cultural interaction, commerce and economic relations, government, and social, political and religious loyalties. The study and appreciation of these fields forms an important part of the university’s mission to give students a greater awareness and appreciation of the heritage of the Middle East.


Undergraduate Programs

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Arabic Studies with specializations in Arabic Literature, Middle Eastern History, and Islamic Art and Architecture

The objective of the Bachelor of Arts is to develop a broad awareness of Arab-Islamic civilization and to develop in students the ability to examine critically the different aesthetic, intellectual and cultural components of this civilization. Each student is required to fulfill Arabic language requirements and take a common core of courses from Arabic Literature, Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern History and Islamic Art and Architecture.
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Graduate Programs

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Arabic Studies with multiple specializations

The department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations (ARIC) offers Master’s degrees in Arabic Studies with emphases in four fields: Islamic Art and Architecture, Middle Eastern History, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Literature.
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Arabic Studies

An opportunity for students who do not plan to pursue doctoral research or academic careers to study the history, culture, religion, literature, and material culture of the Arab and Islamicate worlds.
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