Undergraduate Programs

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Psychology BA

Psychology is the multifaceted scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. The BA program at AUC emphasizes physical, cognitive, emotional, personal, and social development from conception to death.
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Psychology Minor

Would you like to know more about psychology? The minor in psychology provides a general introduction to different subfields under psychology without the depth of methodological training required of majors. The minor exposes students to individual and contextual perspectives in psychology.
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Community Development and Organizing Minor

The minor in Community Development provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge that enhances their understanding and vision of a strong civil society, one that is engaged and participatory.
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Graduate Programs

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Counseling Psychology MA

The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program will help students develop skills and knowledge that are needed to provide counseling services to individuals, couples, and groups struggling with psychosocial issues and mental illness.
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Community Psychology MA

The Master of Arts in Community Psychology degree places its graduates at the forefront of advancing global trends towards multicultural and systemic community psychology practice.
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Inclusive Education Diploma

The Graduate Diploma in Inclusive Education is offered by the Departments of Psychology (HUSS) and International & Comparative Education (GSE). This Diploma is designed as a one-year (two-semester) program.
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Community Psychology Graduate Diploma

The community psychology program provides training in the design and implementation of prevention and intervention programs across a variety of settings, including nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, international agencies, government, schools, and private consulting.  
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