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Would you like to know more about psychology? The minor in psychology provides a general introduction to different subfields under psychology without the depth of methodological training required of majors. The minor exposes students to individual and contextual perspectives in psychology. Many minor courses can be relevant or complementary to other majors, or general real-world experiences.

  • Students who intend to seek a minor in Psychology must have taken PSYC 1000 and have obtained a grade of “B” or higher. Admission is competitive and there are limited acceptances. The decisions are made based on ranking students according to cumulative GPA and accepting the top number of students based on the department’s available capacity. If you are not accepted, you can apply again in future semesters. Students should pay attention to announcements for the minor declaration, which usually take place after the end of Fall and Spring semesters. 

    If you do not have a declared major yet at AUC, and you are accepted into the psychology minor, the minor will not show up on your Banner. In that case, it is your responsibility in the future to contact the psychology department to inform us once you declare the major, so that the department can manually request from the Registrar to update your psychology minor status.

    Course Advising

    There are so many interesting courses in psychology, sometimes it’s hard to decide! We have come up with suggested minor plans depending on your major specialization or intended career, so make sure to view those suggestions. If you are having trouble deciding, please check with the department’s Minor Advisor. There are some other points you should know about psychology advising:

    • PSYC/BIOL 1098 Neuroscience does not count towards the minor.
    • PSYC 2099 Selected Topics does not count towards the minor.
    • You are not required to adhere to the suggested minor plans based on your major, these are simply suggestions for your benefit.
    • If you wish to take courses that are not from the regular minor courses and are not from the courses that are announced to be relevant to minors, then please check with the department’s Minor Advisor.
  • In order for your registration to be as smooth as possible, please follow these recommendations:

    • Declare the minor early on, so you have several semesters to complete it. It is unlikely that you will find space to register in more than one psychology course per semester.
    • If you declared the psychology minor before you declared your major, then as soon as you declare your major inform the psychology department so we can add the minor to your Banner. 
    • If you are a declared major and the psychology minor is on Banner, then you will be able to self-register for any courses open to minors.
    • If you are NOT a declared major and the psychology minor is NOT on Banner, then the department will manually register you into courses. In that case, make sure to add your requests to the department’s waiting list.
    • Pay attention to announcements from the department each semester about recommended courses or new courses offered to minors.
    • If a course is restricted to majors only, and you meet the pre-requisites, there may be space for you to register if there are spaces available after the major's register. Sign up on any waiting list announced by the department.
    • The department does not guarantee that you will be able to find space in your course of choice. So have back-up choices ready, or plan to register for the following semester if you can’t find any spaces in any of your preferred courses.
  • Can I take psychology courses without being a declared minor?

    Most psychology courses are restricted only to majors and minors. A few courses are open to students from specific majors upon agreement with those other departments, because those courses are required or optional courses in those majors. Each semester there may also be one or more courses that are opened to anyone to take because they target the Core Curriculum, but many of those will not count towards the minor if you declare the minor later. So, we recommend that you should declare the psychology major or minor if you want to have maximum options.

    If you already took one course from the required pairs (e.g., PSYC 3270 Personality versus 3420 Abnormal, or PSYC 3003 Community versus PSYC 3010 Social), can I take the other course?

    Yes, of course. For the final two courses in the minor you can take anything you are eligible for, including the other courses from the pair. In fact, you can even complete the minor with all four courses, as following: PSYC 1000 Introduction + PSYC 3003 Community + PSYC 3010 Social + PSYC 3270 Personality + 3420 Abnormal.

    Can I register for more than one psychology course during a semester?

    While technically that is possible, it is preferable to spread out the minor over 5 semesters, because it is unlikely that you will find spaces available in the psychology courses in order to take two courses.

    Can I take PSYC 2000 Statistics or PSYC 2100 Research Methods for the minor?

    Although technically they can count for the minor, these courses are not recommended for the minor because they focus more on methodology whereas the minor aims to give you a rounded exposure to different content areas. Additionally, it is extremely rare to find a space available in PSYC 2100 Research Methods. However, sometimes psychology minors wish to take these courses because they intend to apply to psychology graduate school. Other times students already took one or more of these because they were originally intending to declare the psychology major, but then they decided to take the minor instead. Make sure you consult with the Minor Advisor before deciding to take either of these courses for the minor. 

    Which minor courses will count towards my out-of-major capstone?

    PSYC 4063 Advanced Community will double count for your minor plus your out-of-major Core Capstone course. In order to take it, you must have taken PSYC 3003 Community Psychology first, so plan accordingly. Also, PSYC 4063 is only offered in Spring. Another course that can count towards the psychology minor plus your out-of-major Core Capstone is PSYC/SOC/ANTH 4203 Practicum in Community Development. It is also usually offered in the Spring semester. It is usually taught under the Sociology or Anthropology sections so it may emphasize those perspectives.

    Can minor courses double count for the Core Curriculum or my major?

    The rule of thumb is that major courses can not double count with the Core Curriculum. Everything else can double count. So, yes, psychology courses can double count for the Psychology Minor plus Core Curriculum or for the Psychology Minor plus your major.

    Can minor courses double count with another minor?

    The rule of thumb is that major courses can not double count with the Core Curriculum. Everything else can double count. So, yes, if the same courses are included in more than one minor, then it can double count for both minors. However, we recommend that you diversify your course choices across the two minors in order to gain more benefits.

    What if I want to switch from a psychology minor to the psychology major?

    Of course the department would welcome your application! Simply apply for the major following the normal university major declaration guidelines and procedures. You will not receive any preference or advantage in your major application if you were already a minor.

    What if I want to switch from the psychology major to the minor?

    Please check with the department chair on your eligibility to do so, because there are specific guidelines for which cases can be converted automatically and in which cases students will need to apply for the minor similar to anyone else.

    If I already completed 5 psychology courses without having previously declared the minor, can I receive the minor retroactively?

    This may be a possibility. You should apply for the minor just like everyone else in the normal minor application time period, even if you have already graduated during the previous year. During that process the committee will review the 5 courses you took and determine whether or not it qualifies for completing the minor.


A minimum of a Master’s degree is needed to have the knowledge and skills to offer psychological services to others, and in many cases a doctorate is required. If you are working or volunteering in settings where you are providing psychological testing, counseling, or psychotherapy, even if under supervision, that is in violation of basic ethics in the field. If professionals invite you to engage in such practices, please take the responsibility to educate them regarding the limitations of your training and refuse such tasks. Please let us all preserve the reputation of the field and not engage in such harmful practices.

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