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Psychology is the multifaceted scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes. The psychology program at AUC emphasizes physical, cognitive, emotional, personal, and social development from conception to death. Biopsychosocial development is studied against a background of major theoretical and applied domains of psychology, concentrating on important influences of individual, group, and multicultural dynamics.

Our mission is to provide undergraduate students with a solid grounding in the theory, methodology, and core content areas of contemporary psychology by involving them in experiential learning, community engagement, and scientific research. This foundation of knowledge is enriched by the incorporation of cultural diversity, local context, and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Psychology graduates can work in diverse fields and settings. The program will prepare students wishing to continue further studies leading to a professional career in psychology.

The psychology major at AUC is very competitive, and not everyone who meets the minimum application standards will be accepted. We accept a limited number of students interested in majoring in the field per semester based on the department& capacity. If your application is rejected, you may reapply the following semester.

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A minimum of a master’s degree is needed to have the knowledge and skills to offer psychological services to others, and in many cases a doctorate is required. If you are working or volunteering in settings where you are providing psychological testing, counselling, or psychotherapy, even if under supervision, that is in violation of basic ethics in the field. If professionals invite you to engage in such practices, please take the responsibility to educate them regarding the limitations of your training and refuse such tasks. Please let us all preserve the reputation of the field and not engage in such harmful practices.

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