Political Science: BA

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Upon completion of certain prerequisites, students may declare Political Science as their Major program of study. To achieve a Major in Political Science, all students are required to complete 45CP in political science courses. While majoring in Political Science, students may opt for specializations in a number of available areas, including International Relations, Political Economy, Middle East Politics, and Public and International Law. Most specialization can be completed as part of the 45CP requirement for a Major, except in International Relations which requires an additional course, or a total of 48CP. Students with a Major in Political Science also have the opportunity to enroll in a dual degree program and qualify for an MA degree in International Human Rights Law, alongside their BA in political science.

Major specializations (for students seeking a BA in political science):

  • General Political Science 
  • International Relations
  • Political Economy
  • Middle East Politics
  • Public and International law
  • Dual degree in Political Science (BA) and International Human Rights Law (MA)


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