Interactive Media Design Minor

Art Board

Interactive Media Design minor introduces students to the basics of digital image making, animation and Interactive Media Design principles with a core focus on User Experience (UX) Design.

  • Understand basic software and production principles for digital and print-based media.
  • Ideate and execute basic graphical animations
  • Research, ideate, prototype, systematize and design a User Experience (UX) Concept for a digital product and service.
  • Work in teams
  • Understand the different roles a UX Design project involves    

The Interactive Media Design minor is suitable for students who are interested in a career that will involve digital products and services such as mobile, tablet or web applications. The knowledge acquired will benefit a variety of students from engineering to marketing and (Brand) management background to understand the human centerd design approach and process.

Graduates of the minor will be able to start a career in UX Design. By the completion of this minor, the students will have a good understanding of the process of conceptualizing and designing digital products or services and the different roles and disciplines it involves.