Game Design Minor

Game design image

The Game Design minor will allow students -of different disciplines- to understand the role of a game designer by coming up with their original ideas and prototyping them collaboratively. 

The minor will also allow students to understand the industry’s ecosystem, and most importantly get the opportunity to represent their own culture and narrative which is yet to be represented properly and sufficiently through this medium. 

The minor is open to all AUC students, but it mainly consists of graphic design and computer sciences and engineering courses.

  • Understand the principles of game design and development
  • Ideate and visualize ideas
  • Prototype through various tools (Analog and Digital)
  • Test ideas
  • Learn by iteration to reach a Minimum Viable Product
  • Work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team
  • Understand the ecosystem of the gaming industry and set a career path in the field

This minor is suitable for students who are interested in taking a creative role in game development, whether it was technical, functional, or emotional. They can come from a programming background, graphic design, visual art, animation, creative writing or music. Each one of those students will understand how to design games and apply their creative skills in a collaborative way.

Graduates of the minor will be able to pitch their ideas to people from the industry and get hired or intern in one of the local game development studios, or work on game projects with other team members. 

By the completion of this minor, the students will discover their potential within the multiple creative roles that are needed in any game design studio. It will also connect them and expose them to a wide range of work opportunities, and key people in the industry.

Based on the availability of space, a limited number of students will be accepted in the Minor.




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