a tourist taking a photo inside the egyptian museum

Egyptology is the scientific study of the history and culture of ancient Egypt, from the earliest times to the Arab conquest, a time span of some 4,600 years.  The program covers all aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization, from language and religion to art, architecture and social structure, as well as heritage management, and provides first-hand experience of ancient monuments and sites.

The Bachelor of Arts in Egyptology program aims at preparing students for careers in Egyptology and the preservation and management of Egypt’s material heritage. Research, writing, critical thinking, and presentation skills are also stressed. Students will:

  • Acquire knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of ancient Egypt’s cultural heritage and its legacy in the world.
  • Master the research tools upon which a career in Egyptology or heritage management must depend, including ancient Egyptian language and scripts as well as skill in excavation and site analysis.
  • Prepare properly to assume the responsibility of caring for, maintaining, and preserving ancient Egypt’s unique cultural heritage.


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