In today’s job market where specialized skills are best acquired at work, people who are well-rounded, critical and imaginative thinkers have an edge.

In fact, a 2020 study of top Egyptian companies shows that excellent communication and presentation skills are the number one qualities employers are looking for in fresh graduates. These are the skills you learn in a HUSS course.

HUSS is dedicated to preparing students for today’s workforce and the unique challenges of adapting to the needs of a rapidly evolving world by training students in a holistic fashion to ensure that they become well-rounded and astute individuals with a range of transferable, as well as subject-specific skills. 

Because of the comprehensive expertise in understanding, analysis, and communication cultivated by our various programs, a degree in the Humanities and Social Sciences opens the door to numerous attractive career options with highly competitive salaries. 

For example, HUSS graduates go on to successful careers in law, journalism and literature, government and civil service, counseling and mental health, education and academia, management and consultancy, cultural heritage, and the arts and design. HUSS graduates are entrepreneurs, pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity and artistic expression. 

HUSS graduates are educated not merely to participate in human society, nor to simply passively contribute to the workforce, but to take a leading role in shaping it, leading it, and, most importantly, improving it.