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Arabic Studies program is to develop an awareness of Arab-Islamic civilization and to provide students with the ability to critically examine the different aesthetic, intellectual and cultural components of this civilization. Each student is required to fulfill Arabic language requirements and take a common core of courses from Arabic Literature, Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern History, and Islamic Art and Architecture.

This program is suitable for students who are interested in the following: 

  • Reading and writing in Arabic and English
  • Learning about the history of the region
  • Visiting and studying monuments and historical buildings 
  • Learning about Islamic theology and religious studies

Many opportunities are available for students to gain hands-on experience, including field trips to historical monuments to learn about the history of the region and meet creative writers, practitioners, and heritage managers who work in the region. 

Students find opportunities in any line of work where knowledge of Middle Eastern culture or analytical and communication skills are important. Graduates of the program have gone on to pursue careers in the following fields:

  • Education
  • Culture management
  • Heritage management
  • Museology
  • Publishing
  • Translation
  • Journalism and media
  • Diplomacy and public service
  • Entrepreneurship

Our alumni have worked for the top organizations in the fields, including:

  • Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
  • Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation
  • The Barakat Trust
  • Aga Khan Development Network

Department chair and associate professor, Amina Elbendary '96, '00, gives a short brief about AUC’s Arabic studies undergraduate program

Students must demonstrate an advanced level of Arabic proficiency, either by completing ALNG 312/3502 or it's equivalent or sitting for a proficiency test or by holding the Thanawiya ‘Amma. Students must reach this level of proficiency before their senior year. In exceptional cases, the department may give permission for deferral until the senior year. However, students should note that advanced-level proficiency is a prerequisite for enrollment in certain Arabic literature courses, as described below. Students who are required to take Arabic language proficiency courses may use a maximum of 15 hours of their elective credits to take language courses in Intermediate or advanced Arabic. Elementary Arabic courses may not be taken for credit.

With 39 credits required for the core courses of the major, BA students majoring in Arabic Studies have enough elective credit hours to choose minors or a double-major. The specializations offered within the ARIC major make it a complementary program to several others offered at AUC, such as History, Political Science, Anthropology, Communications and Marketing, Journalism, English, and Comparative Literature, Arts, and Architecture.

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